A Revolution in Revelation


As Believers living under the magnanimous and potent covering of Christ Jesus and the New Covenant, we reside squarely within the Kingdom of God; His miraculous dominion made manifest over the earth and across the entire expanse of the heavens and beyond.  And with this righteous citizenship, we are entrusted with and empowered by God’s Heavenly resources and the authority to wisely and confidently appropriate them to their full potential.  For the Spiritual “High Ground” is ours for the taking, as our authority is unchallenged and the path ahead cleared for action through our Savior’s hallowed covenant with God the Father.

Diamond Side View.jpg

And, as never before, God is anointing a Revolution in Revelation among his beloved children, unveiling miraculous new vistas across the vast landscape of his multi-faceted character.  It is through these new perspectives that a more revealing far-reaching holistic understanding of his righteous nature is achieved.  This amazing unleashing of love-ladened grace ensures our eternal hope, spiritual balance, and unobstructed directional discernment, as we confidently move forward from victory to victory across the face of the earth and into the farthest reaches of God’s Kingdom.

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