A Revolution in Revelation

Wisdom – Living the Gospel


Never be wise in your own sight…Give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

Romans 12: 16, 17 (ESV)

We have all enviously spoken of how smart some people are and how they seem to get all the best brakes in life. After all, this highly competitive western world demands we incorporate the brightest best-educated and most capable people into highly technical and mentally demanding occupations.  The wise and truly bright people long before the industrial revolution were the inventors and discoverers of societies foundational marvels that bless us today.  Godly wisdom, however, has not had such an accomplished degree of increase throughout history.

For true wisdom cannot be categorized as a valued commodity. There are no Ph.D.’s in righteous wisdom, Philosophy and Divinity yes, but Godly wisdom no.  Experts on reaching a satisfactory “bottom line” are in the greatest demand these days.  The Apostle Paul speaks of wisdom in the Kingdom of God and in everyday life as something of great value and to which everyone can aspire.  True wisdom’s value today resides in our ability to hear and respond to God while working together in harmony toward a righteous purpose.  For the world is steeped in many conflicts, nations and peoples bitterly divided, where forbearance, peace of mind, and the common good are desperately needed.

From the Believers perspective, this is where our blessed talents and efforts should be expended.  We should always work toward harmoniously building up the Body of Christ.  Include everybody, the low and the high in status and stature with no separation or partitions, for everybody has God ordained talents and abilities from which to contribute. Judgment and retribution are not our jobs, but loving one another is.  Let God handle justice, he’s very good at it.  Live peaceably with one another in order to work things out through candid fellowship without rancor or animosity. These bitter emotions have no place in the Kingdom of God.  Be generous, overcoming evil with good showing love, mercy, and compassion for your neighbors and adversaries. This will leave them astonished and thinking anew. Consider the common good, placing equality in Christ as optimal to advancing the Kingdom of God. This worldview positions the hearts of the population in a more relaxed amenable condition closer to God, ready to consider more agreeable ways of living.

Dear Heavenly Father help us find wisdom, humbly yielding so you can help direct our activities and minister to us through the Holy Spirit and give us a heart that values harmony and peace in our daily lives. Amen.

A F Fischer

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