A Revolution in Revelation

The Breath​ of Love

…then the Lord God formed the man of the dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living creature.

Genesis 2: 7 (ESV)

We believers often talk about our desire for more intimacy with Father God and Christ Jesus.  Some assume that that moment will not come until we go to heaven. God, however, initiated that truly intimate relationship long before our birth.  Intimacy has been his plan for us from the very beginning.  There would have been no creation, as we know it, without God first having determined to establish a truly deep personal loving relationship with us intended to last an eternity.  He chose Man to be in his image, spiritually and characteristically. And he would create a universe for him to explore, and an Earth on which to exercise his freedom and dominion.

Man would have to be righteously endowed to truly prosper from a free will; otherwise, there would be no justification for exchanging the endearing constituents of love to and from one another’s heart and soul.  For a substantial part of that connection would be in the deeply personal unspoken heart language of love.  And God breathed life into his nostrils and he became alive.

In order to worship God and glorify God, you have to truly love God.  God breathed that spiritual ingredient into Man and it has never departed.  For from our understanding and experience there is no equal to or substitute for love anywhere in the universe.  Can we even imagine what heavenly mystery was packed within that breath of life?  It seems incomprehensible in its nature.  It contained all the rich attributes of God’s divine character, those attributes we desire to embody and righteously exemplify.

Why did his spiritual breathe pack such a significant impact?  It did because he, in turn, desired to be loved deeply and glorified in return from a cleansed loving vessel.  The kind of love and glory due a Father willing to allow the sacrifice of his only Son to save and justify a generation of lost children who he loved dearly.

And here we stand today, the doorway to God’s throne room cast wide open for our entry.  And now it’s our choice whether to allow God to anoint our hearts and souls with his immeasurable love, without first having to depart Earth for Heaven.

Dear Father, grant us the spiritual sensitivity to feel your breath of love gently touching us every day that we may share that love with others who hunger for God’s touch in their lives. Amen.

A F Fischer

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