A Revolution in Revelation

Belief And Imagination Are More Precious Than Knowledge


And Jesus said to him… “All things are possible for one who believes”

 Mark 9: 23 (ESV)

When God speaks, he commands unequivocal attention throughout the Universe and beyond.  For his entire creation is responsive to his every word as he moves with sovereign authority and faultless judgment.  But of utmost significance, his actions are collectively leavened with foundational truth and perfect love.  In serene composure, the Cosmos waits confidently for his every righteous decree.

We mortals, on the other hand, having rebelled against God and his idyllic kingdom, are now exposed to the injustice and evil of a fallen corrupt world, palpably accepted by most, however, as being normal and rational.  Relentlessly dealing with this perplexing dilemma as we grow older, we subtly begin to question the meaning and real purpose of life. And, becoming weary of an existence filled with moral and ethical inequity, we may be influenced to seek a resolution to this disturbing issue in our own hearts and minds.  The options are two; either the harsh deceitful but tangible world we wake up to every day, or the everlasting peace of mind and spiritual prosperity promised by God from the beginning, conceived in truth and love, the very fabric of his everlasting Kingdom.  These two options, while greatly simplified, clearly reveal the great rift that exists between righteousness and corruption, for there exists no solid moral or ethical footing found between the two.

The useless cold-hearted rituals and oppressive laws of the ill-conceived Old (Mosaic)Covenant, which shackled us for so long, and which thoroughly bored and frustrated God, have been shattered once-for-all-time by the blood sacrifice of Jesus, on our behalf.  The revolutionary freedom of access we now enjoy to the throne of God and sweeping authority granted believers in the New Covenant created between God the Father and Christ Jesus has superseded the hopelessly ridged and inept old covenant devised by Man who foolishly demanded of God its implementation. The richly endowed life-regenerating New Covenant gives us the option to fully restore our intimate relationship with the Father forever simply through genuine belief.

As we choose to provide God access to our hearts and minds, offering a pliant expectant imagination in the process, he will begin to gently anoint, soothe, and restore us in love.  For God, in his undying graciousness, entrusts us to choose our path wisely, for he embraces the spiritual value of freedom more even than we do.  God knows that to truly believe and trust in him, we must have the freedom to choose to, for it reveals who we are at our spiritual core. Our beliefs, which influence our character and effectively determine our worldview, also regulate the degree of flexibility and permeability our spiritual boundaries will tolerate.  For our belief in God and his eternal plan for creation must fully embrace our deepest heartfelt convictions.

 Bible knowledge alone, devoid of divine inspiration, is basically inert and static and is; therefore, somewhat deceiving for it provides only a fragment of what is needed to generate sincere belief.  It does not motivate the heart like the righteous spiritual fire of a living interactive God.  So just reading the bible for knowledge doesn’t get it.  As God incarnate, the Word spoken to us directly by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, the embodied Word of God, and by the Holy Spirit is, however, alive and drenched in truth and love.  We need only marshal the faith to believe and align our hearts and minds with our co-creator and righteous shepherd Christ Jesus.  For if we are to conform to his image, the spiritual conviction of our heart-of-hearts must be in agreement with his very nature, becoming supple and compliant to his touch.

Belief, which hastens our spiritual growth, also serves as our passport to God’s Kingdom. Citizenship in the Kingdom of God is, consequently, dependent on the validity of our belief.  We must nourish our hearts and minds with a robust faith putting no limitations on God’s capability to provide us powerful revelation.  For belief and faith, at their zenith, are unassailable, they cast aside all doubts and fears. They unlock doors within our imagination revealing glistening new facets of God’s yet uncharted character.  For an unburdened heart, clear conscience, and a fertile imagination become the wondrous crucible in which God’s inspirational revelations are brought to life.

Our belief helps to define our reality, as the vivacity of our spiritual reality is only limited by the lack of veracity in our belief.  And by God’s design, the spiritual fabric of the Cosmos and all therein is directly responsive to the transcendent power of our belief.  It was the imaginative genius of Albert Einstein who said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge… It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”

 For as we permit God full access to our heart and the creative capacity of our imagination, there is no limit to the amazing accomplishments and adventures ahead of us from within the ever-expanding realm of his Kingdom. With an open receptive heart and a fully functional imagination infused with truth and love, we can effectively expand the perimeter of the Kingdom of God ever outward across the face of the earth and into the farthest reaches of his creation.  For the sincerity of our belief inspires life without limits, a condition in which bible knowledge alone will never have the capacity to reach or generate.  Sincere belief infused with contextually and historically correct biblical knowledge, however, is invaluable as it carries with it the fertility and the fuel for inspired spiritual revelation.

And to those who may choose to disbelieve or to those who remain stuck in the spiritual doldrums of a lifeless knowledge of God lacking that intimate life infusing connection, the promise of restoration, and an eternal loving relationship still remains viable with the hope that they to might discover the ease of access we enjoy to the wondrous riches in the Kingdom of God:  The belief that God is exactly who he says he is and will do all he has promised to do for his beloved children right now and forever. 

 And it was the Apostle Paul who, under inspiration himself, aptly stated:

I do not cease to give thanks for you… For I always pray to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, that he may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation – of insight into mysteries and secrets…By having the eyes of your hearts flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you…

 Ephesians 1: 16–18 (AB)

 A F Fischer

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