A Revolution in Revelation

We Are Safely In His Hands

He will not let you stumble and fall; the one who watches over you will not sleep…The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.

 Psalm 121: 3,8 (NLT)

What amazing assurances we have in Christ Jesus.  God never leaves our side, never loses track of us, and will never ever forsake us.  He is absolutely trustworthy in his unwavering vigilance over us.  As parents, we don’t even watch our own infants and young children with the same diligent loving care that our Heavenly Father does.  He loves us all, his beloved children, more than we could ever comprehend.

How then should we respond?  Shall we act carelessly or frivolously knowing that God will protect and rescue us regardless of our actions?  Never, for he is also the supremely wise and responsible father who will not hesitate to seize every opportunity to nurture us into mature Believers. Each time we rebel or seek our own way, in actuality, we are walking right into God’s hands.  After allowing us to struggle on our own for a while, we start to wise up and seek God’s care and counsel.  In our humility, we begin to aspire to more upstanding and principled behavior and to make healthy kingdom boundaries within which to conduct ourselves.

So you see, no matter how subtly or overtly we may strive to gain control of our own destiny, God, in reality, never lets us go unattended.  And attended is the operative word because he subtly and gently lifts us, holds us, nurtures us, consoles us, feeds us, heals us, and loves us.  What a wonderful freedom we gain as we surrender to the Lord and learn to live comfortably within the protective domain of God’s Kingdom, clearly under his keen vigilance and nurturing care.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the freedom we enjoy under your vigilant scrutiny.  Your vision is acute and your wisdom incisive as you carefully appraise our every move. Nothing escapes your righteous inspection and loving attention, which brings harmony and assurance to our hearts.  We thank you that we will, forever, find rest in the cradle of your loving arms deep within the protection of your eternal Kingdom. Amen.

 A F Fischer

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