A Revolution in Revelation

Where There is Harmony There Follows Order

Let all things be done for building up…For God is not a God of confusion but of peace…all things should be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14: 26, 33, 40 (ESV)

While the Apostle Paul was speaking primarily about the abuse and misunderstanding of tongues in the Corinthian Church, there is a deeper truth revealed here concerning the nature of God.  Our God is a righteous and orderly God just as his creation is an orderly creation.  And where there is harmony there follows order.  It should come as no surprise then that Christ Jesus is also melodically named The Prince of Peace.

To fully and intimately enjoy the rhythmic heartbeat of our Father in your life and the peace of mind that God desires for us all, there can be no confusion or disharmony within the Body of Christ.  It is Satan who injects doubt, fear, and confusion into the Body.  If strife and discontent are plainly evident, it is likely being instigated and manipulated through the powers of darkness or by the disobedience of an unbelieving heart.

We should, therefore, have the heartfelt passion to actively seek the peace that Christ Jesus freely offers to instill in our hearts and minds, staying vigilant and wise to the ways of the world and the perils of evil. To realize this precious state of harmony and order, we first need to believe that Jesus is none other than exactly who he says he is in truth, purpose, and action. And most importantly,

We should always abide by his rhythm of peace among the brethren, which is the heartbeat of God, as it establishes enduring harmony, maximizing the orderly functioning of the Body of Christ.

Dear Lord Jesus, help each of us to be peacemakers, giving us the grace to be strong in faith yet tolerant and forgiving, ever vigilant to the dangers of dissonance within the Body.  And give us the grace to remain calm and cool knowing we are always hidden within the protection of your loving arms.  For we confidently acknowledge where your deepest feelings and convictions reside.  For harmony and order are truly pillars in your Kingdom.  Amen.


 A F Fischer

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