A Revolution in Revelation

What’s Your Zip Code?

“…Do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.”

 Luke 10: 20 (ESV)

Jesus reminds us all not to misinterpret or confuse the true source of our joy by reveling in our authority as Believers.  Rejoice, instead, in our election to eternal residency in the Kingdom of God.

As officially recorded citizens of the Kingdom, we are sanctified and empowered above even the angels, for we are recognized as direct descendants of God and Christ Jesus under the New Covenant and heirs to their rich resources.

What is the lesson here?  We should wisely and reverently utilize our authority in Christ Jesus but we should only rejoice in the Father, his Son, and in our God-ordained residency and eternal citizenship in the Kingdom of God.

Why is God so explicit?  Because it is only through his amazing grace that we have been granted the privilege to reside there with Him at all.  And considering our rock-bottom moral and ethical “credit scores” we could never afford that prized real estate otherwise.  And let us not forget that every blessing and exclusive exemption we have ever received came from his zip code address.

Heavenly Father, grant us encompassing perception immersed in wisdom and humility so that we might rejoice in who we truly are in Christ Jesus while faithfully administering the authority ascribed to our exalted position with grace, mercy, and justice.  Amen

 A F Fischer

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