A Revolution in Revelation

What’s In A Name?

For you are my rock and my fortress; and for your name’s sake you lead me and guide me…Into your hand I commit my spirit…

Psalm 31: 3, 5 (ESV)

David knew that God was honor-bound beyond even our human understanding to fulfill his Word.  He puts his name and reputation on the line every second of every day throughout his limitless Kingdom.  His Word is his essence, the very substance of his being.  His Word is who he is and reflects all that he has ever fulfilled and will forever accomplish.  As absolute truth, the power and influence his Word invokes have no beginning or end.  His promises are more precious than gold for they reach back in antiquity to Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, and many more without a single breach of faith.

With an untarnished record of faithfulness over this great duration we are never to doubt him.  We can worship in awe but never doubt.  His name is, accordingly, critically important because it is the personification of his Word, the symbol of unwavering truth and justice. It is the principal reason we can all say with equal resolve and confidence, “Into your hand, I commit my spirit” just as David did and just as Jesus did accordingly with his dying breathe (see Luke 23: 46).  There is no greater expression of love and faithfulness than this.

Dear Lord, let us surrender to you daily by uttering these auspicious words “into your hand I commit my spirit” as a living sacrifice before we confront the days’ many challenges.  And may your name always convey to us the uncompromising assurance that our faith and trust are securely bound in your Word and by your commitment to the truth that you embody, for without it we are hopelessly lost. Amen.

 A F Fischer


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