A Revolution in Revelation

Truth and Light Are Like Manna

 Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me.

 Psalm 43: 3 (ESV)

Is there really a distinct difference between truth and light in a biblical sense, and why are they spoken of separately by the Psalmist yet linked in intended purpose?  When considering them, one leads to the other without any mental effort at all.  Yet in many places in the Bible, they are spoken of individually or deliberately separated.  Synonyms abound for both; truth, capturing the essence of words with powerful implications such as authenticity, integrity, and sincerity come quickly to mind.  Light implies illumination, transparency, and clarity.  We might say “truth sheds light into the darkness.”

From the Word of God, we understand that truth and love are the essential building blocks of his Kingdom’s heavenly constitution, the very fabric of his creation. The light of the Kingdom.  Consequently,

Light illuminates our way while truth verifies the integrity of the path ahead.

As we were created in God’s image, absolute truth and love, which are the essence of his perfect light, also unveil the condition of our own hearts and minds.  The brighter our own faith shines the more it reveals who we are at our core.  Using this transparency to our advantage we should faithfully practice upright living, speaking the truth in love until it becomes habitual.  Only then can our light shine radiantly from the inside outward to help brighten a darkened world.  For it is our faith fortified with truth and love that cast aside our fears and doubts replacing them with hope and peace of mind, which in truth, are the treasures we cherish most.

Faith is, therefore, not really blind at all, but is intimately linked to the illuminating truth that paves all the streets of God’s kingdom.  For truth and light are like manna from heaven, the manifestation of God’s loving-kindness and faithfulness to nourish and guide us on the path of righteousness.

Dear Heavenly Father, keep us sensitive and agile to your direction, filling our hearts with your light, keeping our steps solidly placed on the foundation of your truth, that we might bless you and draw more darkened souls into the brightness and clarity of your Kingdom.  Amen.

 A F Fischer

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