A Revolution in Revelation

Is Tangibility Our Principal Reality?

“I tell you something greater than the temple is here.”

 Matthew 12: 6 (ESV)

The Pharisees were, as usual, attempting to make Jesus stumble into making a statement inconsistent with the compulsory laws of the obsolete, effectively useless, Mosaic Covenant.  From their cold and calculating hearts, they questioned his motives and actions on the Sabbath Day.  And within those hearts of stone, they had no idea that the succinct cryptic message Jesus had just given them contained the most monumental statement of truth ever uttered in all of history, the arrival of the Son of God and his Kingdom upon the earth.

In honest reflection, we all appreciate the multitude of tangible benefits we routinely enjoy every day, many of which we take for granted.  The question is, are these physically tangible resources, which we have grown so accustomed to having, the vital reality of life?  Is there something more deeply consequential to aspire to than these trivial symbols essentially devoid of any truly redeeming or righteous qualities?

Can we grasp the foundational significance of Jesus Christ’s physical arrival on earth?  Perhaps, but can we grasp hold of its significance with the virtual reach of our heart and soul, from the numb dormancy of our spiritual being?  For he, in his unfailing love for us, secured the freedom we all now enjoy to choose a more eternally purposeful, spiritually enriching, and personally edifying reality to live.  Things of a purely physical nature really don’t matter as much anymore. His arrival came with the righteousness and justice worthy of his sovereign kingdom, whose purpose and eternal impact far exceed those of fleeting earthly recognition, possessions, or power.

Our worldly achievements, majestic temples, and magnificent monuments will crumble to dust one day, but the real tangibles are those truths, righteous imaginations, and inspirational thoughts emanating from God Almighty that come to life and thrive in our hearts and minds.  For the Word of God, who is Christ Jesus himself, will endure forever as he is pure spiritual food from whom we are nourished and empowered to approach and gently penetrate the hardened hearts and minds of the hopelessly lost and stoutest doubter with the truth in love.

Dear Lord God, keep our attention focused on the reality of the spiritual nature of life, not on the appealing illusion of the tangible things, which conveniently surround us.  Amen

A F Fischer

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