A Revolution in Revelation

New Covenant Foundation

A Revolution in Revelation

God is anointing a spiritual revolution in New Covenant revelation through a multitude of new and revitalized voices he is awakening within the Body of Christ. Collectively, they embody the spiritual vanguard in sculpting a more revealing and spiritually enriching holistic characterization of our triune-God and his wondrous Kingdom than ever imagined before.  Holistic takes on a whole new meaning when incorporating the reality of transcendental phenomenon to God’s character.  Perhaps a multi-faceted characterization would be a better definition and more easily grasped, with each facet gleaming during its time of intended recognition, like a perfectly cut diamond.

Until now, we have perceived only glimpses of his wonderfully magnanimous nature and his optimistic stance for creation. And while he has revealed many elements of his inimitable character, we understand, from the power of his forthright biblical testimony and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, that he is eternally faithful to his most beloved in all creation.

We now recognize that God the Father has commenced a righteous labor-of-love to collectively reach out from his heart-of-hearts; the crucible of his unquenchable love, to compassionately beckon our hearts back into harmonious communion within his own. Love and truth are the essential elements of our Triune-God’s eternally radiant nature. And as God is love, and as all love radiates from the heart, God is, in truth, all heart. By way of God’s Word, we recognize that love and truth are the quintessential attributes of his nature that cannot be factored to more common constituents (see: The Unified Truth Theory by A F Fischer). They function in unity, providing righteous continuity in our Kingdom walk. Wherever they are, there is the Kingdom of God exploiting their balancing influence. So as we step by faith into his Kingdom, we are stepping into the deep intimacy, love, truth, and unalterable hope that characterize the revitalizing nature of his loving heart.

What we don’t fully grasp, however, is our tangible proximity to the heart of God or our rightful standing and spiritual accountabilities as citizens of his Kingdom right now?  By God’s amazing grace, the revelation of our truly intimate New Covenant relationship, providing uninhibited access to the Father and his wondrous Kingdom through our Lord Jesus Christ, is now a precious reality.  It is through our deepening communion and fresh revelation that we perceive, in rich fidelity, the truth of God’s extraordinary love and exciting purposes he intends for each of us.  The scope and reach of these revelations will at first amaze us as they take us on a journey beyond the bounds of even our most imaginative conceptions.  And as the yet unseen pieces begin to fall into perfect placement, it will all make sense.

As Christians, however, many of us do not yet sense the rhythm of his heartbeat or grasp the reality of having already stepped into the sweeping freedom and authority granted us as citizens of his Hallowed Kingdom. But, as the realization of our abundantly blessed future becomes increasingly relevant to each of us through the liberating knowledge of who God truly is and what our relationship with Him is intended to be, we will, with unwavering conviction, graciously share the unconditional love and eternal hope we embrace with others.


For as we seek God and his Kingdom above all else, He will unveil, on a majestic scale, unparalleled new vistas with fresh perspectives, which like gleaming facets, reach beyond the limitations of our conscious minds to illuminate the richness and extraordinary diversity of his divine nature. And from these fresh revelations, we will clearly recognize, as never before, that our spiritual being is the indelible expression of who we truly are and will forever be.

And with a divine understanding of God’s desire to open his heavenly portals for us to clearly perceive his magnanimous character, we will enter into a deeper more intimate relationship with him through Christ Jesus.  And together, through the clarity which the lens of truth affords us, we will resolve to forever unshackle ourselves from the biblical fallacies, lifeless dogmas, constraining doctrines, misinterpretations, misrepresentations, and the immobilizing grip of unjustified fears that have held so many of us captive for so long.  For as our deepening belief compels us to surrender to and trust God, delving deeper into the glorious mystery of his heart, the scope of his boundless Kingdom will grow proportionately within our hearts and minds.

And as we spiritually mature into the image of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we will come to realize that he, who is the flawless completeness of the Father in every respect, would never betray the solemn covenant they established on our behalf.

For by returning their beloved children, the living Body of Christ, back into a state of weakened subjugation to an already defeated enemy, they would be violating the righteous foundational premise of their New Covenant and be effectively annulling Christ’s marriage to the Church, his beloved Bride. No! We walk in power and victory now and forever!

And as the world we have known continues to fall deeper into the malevolent grasp of spiritual darkness and mayhem, Christians, fully in possession of God’s sovereign Spiritual authority, will walk in clarity of purpose as the anointed messengers of God’s Gospel message of eternal salvation and redemption, witnessing to the single glorious alternative to a world gone mad.


Consequently, the Glory of God and His Kingdom will become clearly discernible to all. The Good News will continue to advance from glory to glory, nation to nation across the face of the earth. And by living victoriously within the Kingdom’s ever-expanding dominion, confident in our standing before our Lord, we will have, through God’s sustaining grace, seized irrefutable authority over the spiritual high ground, which reaches beyond the limits of our imagination revealing the consecrated hope and authority we embrace even now.

And as we take up permanent residency within the spiritual peace, prosperity, and righteous authority granted us in God’s Kingdom, let us fully grasp that we are not just being enveloped in God’s truth and love, we are being empowered and transformed by them, thus cultivating the transparency and sincerity to lovingly disarm and draw others into an intimate relationship with Almighty God.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God…because God is love… and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.

1 John 4: 7,8,16 (ESV)

A prophetic word given to A F Fischer, Sedona, AZ

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